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The size of the waves is measured in wavelengthsʵAviator fake cheap ray bans glasses, also known as the yurt, because the eye lens as big as a frog named, big lens, light-colored, raised head wind, sun visor, which is becoming popular in fashion circles aviator glasses is an important reason

Wolfgang Wesemann Cologne University College of fake polarized ray bans Optometry reminder, want to know the specific protective value of sunglasses, you can find an optometrist detected with the help of professional equipment, small store to buy sunglasses at the beach is not a good choice This is currently the most frequently used Korean series, especially the goddess with paragraph DIDI D 01, in South Korea fake ray bans for clubmaster the stars are bursting with popularity

Parentesi pattern and fan pattern, and served as inspiration Icona glasses Isabella Rossellini handbag jewelry lock pattern, inlaid between the temple and the lens, as the main decorative elements in crystal sparkle in triumphant Hui Therefore, the choice, we start from the photos, fake ray bans for sale see what few people know "Privacy shade is the world's first product using this technology," Professor of the Institute told the Wall Street Journal Echizen power of Japan in real time

In 1975, Patti Smith (center), wearing Ray-Ban glasses interview1970s:In the 1970s, disco fake ray bans for sell very popular, which means a bit of dress In general, the eye position on the side, looked slovenly, listless; downwards will feel funny Various colors slightly different:Grey lenses: can absorb infrared rays and 98% of UV rays, with excellent color reproduction, and can effectively reduce the light intensity, the color of fake ray bans glasses choice for professionalsThe basic requirements for qualified sunglassesSunglasses can protect the eyes of the requirements can block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB, filter 75 to 90 percent of visible light

ʹ Whether it is with printed piece pants, or dance with exaggerated fake ray bans online costumes participate personality, it is the best option If you want to experience Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari design taste, it may be included in collections cabinet Scott Schuman launched fake ray bans sale a digital display platform Faces by The Sartorialist in this season and also the "mirror Artist" Mathias Kiss and New York artist Curtis Kulig cooperation, the two artists on this platform released their new design works: Mathias Kiss from common The "eye chart" fake ray bans website and a mirror for inspiration, "beautifully decorated glasses make us richer facial beauty, and sometimes we even forget its initial visual function" thinking quite philosophical meaning; and Curtis Kulig from the frame The details of the find inspiration to express his abstract pattern daily mood and high quality fake ray bans personal style

If the frame is made of nickel plated when it faded, to be cumbersome in terms of allergy In addition, depending on the objects of consumption, Ray-Ban sunglasses are divided into gentleman, lady, sports three types: type stable noble gentleman; cheap original ray ban sunglasses ladies casual elegant type; dynamic sport is full of sunshine Lai driver wearing sunglasses entered the tunnel, I do not know how else to feel the eyes look dark, marking also become blurred, as if invisible to the road ahead

Infant sunglasses color can choose brown or grayLennon sunglasses60,70 cheap ray ban glasses online Top Round Metal round glasses, since the Beatles John Lennon often wear hippie period, hence the name Lennon Glasses, Wang Lijing representation, cheap ray ban polarized sunglasses uv400 is an international standard that can filter out more than 96 percent of UV rays

Colorful sunglasses on the market, most people just pick your favorite color and style, ignoring the efficacy Different styles of dress, you can also add stylish atmosphere with sunglasses Outdoor activities green lenses eye cheap ray ban style sunglasses fatigue for use

The influence of direct sunlight, and after entering the tunnel driver will feel more dark, with inattention, excessive speed, improper operation and other factors, it is prone to accidentsStylish and eye sunglasses, the selection of three tipsXiatian Lie day cheap ray ban sunglasses for sale when the air, dazzling glare, sunglasses as many people out essential fashion itemsInflux of men who are ready to play it cool a shade sunglasses yet? Guess sunglasses in the eye of more than can dress up, definitely build a fashion must-have item, put it immediately to break the mediocrity!Ferrari designer cheap ray ban sunglasses shop sunglasses playing transboundary POLO shirt everything OKPininfarina (Pininfarina) The name may be unfamiliar to you, but mention Rolls Royce, Ferrari 599GTB these classic models, it no wonderReflective polarizer can eliminate waterThe eyeglass shop owner Chen Lin told reporters, sunglasses generally divided into three types, one is the sun mirror, cheap real ray ban sunglasses can help block the glare, reducing eye fatigue and adjust the light stimulation caused the harm; one is decorated sunglasses, colorful diverse styles, decorative effect is stronger than the actual shade effect; there is a special-purpose sunglasses, is a polarizer, not only shade against ultraviolet rays, but also to eliminate glare, ray ban sunglasses cheap sale driving, skiing, fishing and other activities are applicable

Swallow Zhao Wei also rare cat money yetWhich is right for youHuang Zhenping said light source and for different occasions, will affect the color of the lens shading effect, activities should be considered depending on the desired placeCartier latest pushing ray ban sunglasses for sale cheap Panthere Divine de Cartier cat eye sunglasses

Lenses: adding the right amount of chemicals in the lens, so that the original colorless lenses, met strong ultraviolet radiation, it will become colored lenses, it was also known as "sensitive lens